6. Dezember 2011

:: Zürich revisited

I used to visit my aunt and family in Zürich quite often when I was living  in the south of Germany. Now after living in Berlin and now moving to Hannover the distance grew even more. Als ich jetzt nach drei Jahren wieder nach Zürich zurückkehrte, hat es sich ein bisschen wie Heimkommen angefühlt. 
It felt a bit like home coming, revisiting Zürich after three years. A lot has changed and this change, moving forward reminds me a bit of Berlin vibes. There are still traditions, like taking tea at the legendary Cafe Schober , am Cafe Schober kommt keiner vorbei or having a decent homemade Züricher Geschnetzeltes mit Röschti, kind of a gulash with chicken or veal in a creamy white wine sauce accompanying roasted potato cake. But there is also a vivid gallery scene, they have the Kunsthaus and a fantastic theater scene. Think Sybille Berg. 
They have the Zürichsee and the mountains, James Joyce Society and  Thomas Mann Archiv at ETH where you feel like a time traveler.
Thomas Mann hat der Uni Zürich sein Arbeitszimmer hinterlassen. Die haben es orginalgetreu wieder aufgebaut, so dass man meint, dass Thomas Mann mal gerade eben hinausgegangen ist, um sich einen Kaffee zu machen.   
Achja, Zürich.

No visit to Zürich without spending some time at Globus, the one and only departmentstore. 
Globus gehört zu Zürich wie Heidi zum Geissen-Peter. Wir haben uns dort 3 Stunden durchgearbeitet.So much to see and too many inspiration.  
Changemaker: Du bist, was du tust. Ein genialer Claim. And so true. Absolutely love this shop.
Looks familiar? Mir sind fast die Augen ausgefallen: die Tierkissen von Areaware. Hab ich sonst nur im Internet bewundert. Und jetzt bei Changemaker. They sell ecoconscious and fairtraded stuff from around the world for the home. I spend one hour there and had a kind of Deja vue because I saw a lot things I only knew from the internet.
Beautiful En Soie
Im Niederdorf

A typical swiss accessoire

One of the many old fountains in the Altstadt

My favourite shop. Sehr klischeemäßig aber I love it. I would have moved in right away. Despite the whole shop is a swiss cliché. Heidi lives here, I'm sure. 
Breakfast with Migros milk. They have awesome product designs. And I like the swiss brown cows.
We also had homemade marmelade and black currant jam.
Mimi, the Monstercat. One of three.

Altstadt von Zug. My aunt lives between Zug and Zürich.

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