25. Oktober 2011

:: The Organic Junkie I

 OMG, not another project. 
Sorry, I can't concentrate on one thing. Especially when I am doing only one thing all day long like right now: stitching. Actually the best occupation for meditating and brainstorming. Stitching is like making a long mental To Do List. 

But back to the topic: voilá the season's first Apfelstrudel. 100 % organic and vegan. Delicious with soy cream and a dust of cinnamon. 
Curious how long the strudel will last...

Oh mein Gott, nicht schon wieder eine neue Reihe! 
Sorry, ich habe eine ernsthafte multiple Persönlichkeitsstörung. Besonders morgens vor dem Aufstehen und bei der Steuererklärung.

Jedenfalls heute meinen ersten veganen, 100% biologischen Apfelstrudel gebacken. Ist aber schon immer vegan gewesen, weil man den Strudelteig mit Pflanzenöl macht. Sehr lecker dazu: Sojasahne mit einem Hauch von Zimt. Die Kruste wird schon locker-knusprig, wenn man sie mit geschmolzener Butter bestreicht. 

24. Oktober 2011

:: Urban WIld Girls (3)

I love a good red beard.  Even more when it comes with a recycled notebook made out of beer (!!!).  For the real men, für echte Kerle from Small Caps. 

:: Instant love

Mayo   via   Poppytalk

23. Oktober 2011

:: Can't believe it's Hannover

It's hard to be an exberliner. Even harder when you have to live in Hannover instead. 
Compared to Berlin, Hannover has no chance at all. There a no cozy coffee shops  - okay, maybe two, there are no Spätis, no proper bookshop, no fabric shops ( there is one)... there is no variety. Even the Post Office closes for lunch. 

So I was extremely surprised and happy to see the opening of a new deli near my house at Marienstrasse. 
It's called Lecker Ladenlokal and they serve a deliciously All You Can Eat soup every day and one of the best soy cappuccinos I've tasted. 

:: Weekend Reader

Look what I found in my post box: Just right for a lazy sunday after hiking on saturday (We worked the Harz - we went wandern, hiking).

I'm addicted to Persephone books. The inside cover of every book comes in a different design being all fabric patterns from the 30s -60s. They also added a lovely bookmark with a design from Vanessa Bell, the very crafty sister of Virginia Woolf. 

20. Oktober 2011

:: Urban Wild Girls II

Check out some of the lovely vendors at the Hello Handmade Market at Hamburg that weekend. I wish could make it...

Janina Böhm

:: Urban Wild Girl

Hurra, zum Selbermachen. Hurray, it's DIY. 
I happen to have a woodburner from my Schwiegervater. That's something I always liked to experiment with. I've only done some screenprinting on woodplates which I only can recommend. So this project comes right on time.

via Designsponge 

13. Oktober 2011

:: Sunshine of my life

... even at 5:40 in the morning. I wish I would look so cute at this time of the day. Must be the fish.

9. Oktober 2011

:: Feeling rustic

Harvest Celebration at Gut Ippenburg
When summer is gone, my favourite season begins. Fall. Although many say now the year has come to an end, everybody slows down, nature begins to fade, I feel completely invigorated. It's harvest hightime, natures wears its most colourful fruits and leaves. It high time for gathering.  

I'm especially drawn to rustic designs like Navajo, simple dishes, thick wool cardigans, outdoor forest walks, dimmed lights, romantic cowboyism, thinking of New Mexico and log fires. Hot cinnamon tea is served in a minute while enjoying rustic Etsy essentials for your personal urban rustic experience.  

From The Workroom  ::  Parasol Vintage

   Still With You  ::  Shapes&Colors 

Vintage Social Club :: Rincon Road

:: Where the wild things really are

Last weekend we went to a strictly organic farm, ein richtiger Bioland Bauernhof. The animals looked healthy, had more than enough room and were not a bit shy. Very clever was the mobile chicken housing, ein mobiler Hühnerstall. Now I'm dreaming of an organic grilled chicken stand a the local farmers market. You can only get conventional grilled chicken here, no free-range, only Wiener Wald Batteriehühner. I bet this would be the next big thing! If I am not turned to a vegan til than. 
Because it's hard to look at those animals and know that they will be turned to sausages and steaks. Although they led a very good life, they will be killed. Not by nature, by man. We also visited the Schlachthof. As the farmer also makes meat products from his animals, he slaughters them on his premise. There is no thing like friendly killing. At least the animals will not have stressful transportation situations, panic attacks and they won't suffer. Hopefully.
After the visit, vegan is becoming more and more realistic for me.  

6. Oktober 2011

:: Best british design 2011

I already had my eyes on the british label St.Jude's and I am delighted with the jury's result: "Curiosity Shop" by Emily Sutton, who designed this winning design pattern exclusively for St. Jude's. Check out their other artists.

via St.Judes

5. Oktober 2011

:: colour inspiration

 via Ruffled

via Ruffled

:: can't wait for this one

Altough there's plenty of time not to think of next year and a lot to do in this year ( stitching and preparing for some christmas markets, baking bread, making a Hochbeet...) I am already a sucker for christmas cards and calendar 2012. And I thought I would be a bit fed up with owls!

3. Oktober 2011

:: Hallo Herbst

Hello autumn.

Do it like the leaves. Dress in mustard.

Get the needles out. Although I can't knit I'm addicted to knitted sweater. Especially when they come in one of these adoring japanese pattern books.