29. Dezember 2009

10. Dezember 2009

:: Thursday trash

I know that I skipped last weeks thursday trash post but I'm busy producing for Holyshit. It's my last market for this season. So I hope to post very extensively next week.
And now back to the production line.

Paint by numbers at Quatrefleur

8. Dezember 2009

:: Christmas shopping week

Christmas shopping tour de force this week! It started with Trendmafia last weekend and will continue next weekend at Holyshit Christmas Shopping. So I'm busy working at my little factory again. The pillows and the mushroom pins were quite a success. I also made some handmade rubber stamps and used them for notebooks.

4. Dezember 2009

:: Ready to hit the stalls

In the mood for some decent christmas shopping and fine Glühwein?
Visit me tomorrow and on sunday, 5. + 6. 12. at Trendmafia in Brunnenstr.68/Berlin.

Everyone coming and quoting my blog will get a surprise!

Or pop by next weekend, 12. + 13.12. at Holyshit Christmas Shopping at Postbahnhof/Berlin.
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