4. November 2008

:: Protect me from what I want (Part 2)

I've never done serious internet shopping. Except Ebay or Amazon. But the new catalouge from Persephone Books makes me want. Every book from it. Sadly, Amazon doesn't stock them. They got Persephone Classics but only in 2009.
So it's 3.50 GB Pound extra for each book you order. And the British Pound is still strong.

Here Fritzi is keeping an eye on the Persephone and Toast catalogue. And of course on me.

:: Protect me from what I want (Part 1)

Seriously, it's not the forthcoming holiday season. But the yearning for angels is critical in November. Who can resist such cuteness?

:: Hurray Holy Shit

It's now official: I'm admitted to Holy Shit Shopping in Berlin on the 13.-14. December!!!!
That means production and nightshifts ahead. Although the fair fee is quite high - at least for me, because most of my products are a mere 10 Euro - I'm looking forward. This event will push me further. Onto another professional level. Wow, sometimes it happens faster than expected.
This November will be exactly one year that I relocated to Berlin and it's about 3-4 months that I started Eden. And for that it's doing very fine. To be honest, I never expected it that fine. Strange world.