7. Juli 2009

:: Faire Rien at Wedding Dress

Can't believe it's already Tuesday!
On the weekend I shared a stall with the lovely Nicola from Nikoki. Both days were quite successful for both of us. We met nice people, had a bottle of champagne and were wondering how quickly time passes. I went home with a lot motivation and inspiration. Unfortunately not with the determination to give up my day job. But a weekend like this brings me closer to the need to make an decision about my crafting business in the future.

Faire rien. The Eden Summer Collection 2009. Faire rien is
french for doing nothing and is spelt like the german Ferien

New Swallow Brooches: Fly me to the world

Beautiful presentation of Nikoki.

By the way, Anna from Cut Magazine mentioned Nicola and me on the blog. Check it out! It's a new DIY fashion magazine from Germany.