17. März 2010

:: New products

I'll add some products to my etsy shop starting this week. There will also a special announcement by me. So check back!

12. März 2010

:: I want spring now!

For instant spring try these ones:

From Hang out a Shingle

A lamp shade in my favorite spring color from Buy Oldschool

A wooden brooch with primula

Teacup flowers from Style me pretty

From Design Sponge

:: In my mail

There was snow tomorrow. But The Night Owl provided me with my daily spring. Discover more lovely stuff directly from the Highlands.The earrings are so fresh and blooming and I'm tempted to go for long rough walk through the fresh green woodlands. Problem: here is no green. Just mud and dirt.

Picture from The Night Owl

10. März 2010

::Thursday trash

Again from the miraculous The Selby.

Have you heard about a german equivalent: Freunde von Freunde?! It shows how german creatives live and work in Berlin. Honestly, I miss the bold personality I love about the homes at The Selbys. But who doesn't like to sneak a peek in other people's houses?

Photos from Freunde von Freunden

8. März 2010

:: Construction ahead

On sunday I visited the very crowded Stoffmarkt (Fabric Market) in Potsdam. It's always could to make some deal but what I like most about it that you get to see ( and feel!) all the fabrics you usually see on the internet. My favorite eyecatcher: kiseki who specializes in japanese fabrics.

This is what I brought home. On the top about 80 little squares of the most beautiful patterns, some are very 40s. I hope all will turn into lovely toadstools, some cloudy pillows and more.

4. März 2010

:: Thursday trash + bonus

Style dilemma: trash vs. simple.

Sometimes I wonder how I interpret trash. It has to do with the unexpected, with the twisted. I can't find a decent definition. This is a interior detail from here and I want to move in badly. Just for the weekend.

I could even picture myself in that kitchen. Although it's overloaded. Did you notice the mermaid laying on the top of the kitchen cupboard?
This style is complete different. But I crave for it. Could there be a compromise between these two extremes?

The interior of the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs

From here

3. März 2010

:: Beetlemania

I'm not a photoshop freak. Although I would be if I had the software. So I just discovered picnik and playing a lot with it to get used to it.
As you can see beetles and bugs are my current love interest.

Top left and bottom leftt: Proteales,
Top right: Kari Herer, Bottom right: Sara Brown