26. Februar 2010

:: Friday flower

Sorry I skipped thursday trash yesterday. But I'm still down with a strange stomach flu. Flowers definitely make me feel better. So let's introduce Friday Flowers. I like to visit the flower shop and buy some flowers for the weekend. Nothing beats an early morning tea with fresh flowers.

23. Februar 2010

:: Weekend photos

The homemade birthday cake for the Red One. Please note the sugared real violets!

One of the many homemade presents: a design I screen-printed on a t-shirt. He also got a matching tote bag.

On sunday we went to the Fernsehturm, our first time. It was a bit surreal. There is a panorama restaurant which makes a turn about its own axis in about 30 mins. So you can fly over Berlin sipping a cocktail. All in a DDR like ambience. Stange but funny.
And memorable.

18. Februar 2010

::Trash thursday

or coffee and films. The times are bad for blogging these days at Berlin. The Berlinale steals a lot of time. Besides I have to plan, make and bake a birthday brunch buffet. I saw two great films yesterday: the turkish production Bal and Shahada, the first film by a student from the film academy at Ludwigsburg. Also Sona - My other self and a japanese one where I fall asleep. More to come this weekend. And I saw Ghostwriter. Perfect hitchcockesque.

12. Februar 2010

:: Don't forget the kiss

Love for nothing. With these free download cards from Olliblog.
And what else could it be than birds.
Liebe für gratis. Einfach die Karten von Olliblog runterladen und jemanden glücklich machen. Küssen nicht vergessen.

9. Februar 2010

:: Tears alert!

Have you heard about this very sweet commer
cial for Google?
While I'm writing that my eyes are still wet....

:: This and that on tuesday

Despite the very cold winter nights I would have ventured out to this concert. But it is sold out.

Wenn ich schon mal ins Konzert gehen will, ist es natürlich ausverkauft.

Things I bought recently: A nightdress from my favourite Oxfam shop. Only 4 Euro and it is made in the GDR.

Ungetragenes Nachthemd aus der DDR. Friedensware. Aus meinem Lieblings-Oxfam Shop. Hat nur 4 Euro gekostet.

This is amazing. A little picture and souvenir of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. If you look from different angles you can see the Queen and the Duke. In german it's called Wackelbild.

Außerdem hab ich auf ebay diese kleine Wackelbild gefunden,.Je nachdem wie man das Bild hält, erscheinen die Queen oder der Duke. Ein schönes Andenken an die Krönung 1953.

I also bought (too many) tickets for the Berlinale: Bal, The kids are all right, Shahanda, Sona. Ototu. The Ghostwriter, En Famille.

Natürlich auch im Eifer des Gefechtes zu viele Tickets für die Berlinale gekauft.
Bal, The kids are all right, Shahanda, Sona. Ototu. The Ghostwriter, En Famille.

For lunch I made some pear ricotta and pepper ricotta sandwich. On roasted bread.

Zum Mittagessen gabs Birnen Ricotta und Paprika Ricotta auf gerösteten Dinkelbrot. Ohne das kann und will ich nicht mehr leben.

Finished! The Valentine's Day breakfast surprise is ready! But planning and creating goes on. Next week is the birthday of the Red One.

Hurra, ich bin mit der Valentinsüberraschung fertig! Aber nächste Woche geht's gleich weiter. Der Rote hat Geburtstag. Und es ist ein runder.

5. Februar 2010

:: Preparations

I came up with this fantastic and practical idea for the Red One for this years Valentine's Day: a unique and personally placemat. Actually it's a simple drawing on watercolour paper. Further a border will be added. Than everything will be completely laminated for endurance. On the special morning it will be presented with cafe au lait and croissant. A lovely surprise breakfast for Valentine's Day.

Für den Valentinstag ist mir etwas schönes und nützliches eingefallen: ein persönlich gestaltetes Platzset. Wird morgens mit Kaffee und Croissant garniert und dem Roten präsentiert. Die Zeichnung wird noch mit einer Bordüre versehen, dann alles laminiert, damit es auch Kaffeeflecken resistent ist.

Just a little detail from me Valentine's place mat. Birds are a must.
Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt von dem Platzset für Valentinstag. Vögel dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen.

:: Fridays to do's

from here

1: working on - wow, that sounds quite impressive - a Valentine Days place set. I hope to post pics today on the blog
2: grocery shopping
3: coffee at a thai coffee shop
4: baking a cake
5: cooking dinner

4. Februar 2010

:: Trash Thursday

From the highly addictive The Selby.

Or maybe that one.

2. Februar 2010

:: My inner Martha

I’m not a huge fan of Martha Stewart. Just a little one. So in the wake of traditional spring cleaning and organising house (and life) I found these handy solutions at the Martha Stewart Ommnimedia as they call themselves. And it’s true. For nearly every lifestyle problem they got an answer. For me everything is too neat, too overstyled, too Happy-ending. But even myself needs from time to time a glimpse into this perfect universe of cheering housewives.

If you don't want the black TV screen disturb your eyes, a TV cozy in the right colour to match your interior.

And a really practical pincushion for your machine.

1. Februar 2010

:: Oh yes, I'm the great pretender (III)

This time: a (very) sentimental weekend in London, UK.
I would stay in this lovely home:

Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart

Would have a nice Rose Champagne High Tea at Fortnum&Mason :

and would get my sweetheart this little humble hamper:

Stock up some tea mugs from Pedlars:
Visit some friends from university at Tate Britain:

D.G.Rossetti: Aurelia

Indulge myself to historical interiors. Maybe you recognize it, A Room with a View was filmed here:

Linley Sambourne House (pic from here)

Buy a soft cushion to lay my head on and to dream of more adventures in London when back home:

From Lisa Stickley

:: I'm so yesteryear

I just found out as I was browsing my blog archive that the lovely Alanna who visited my stall at last years Wedding Dress mentioned me at her blog. OMG. Blushing scarlet red. I'm so lame.
Remember those little guys?

Pic by Alanna