30. Oktober 2009

:: Best cover ever

Ideas, wishes, thoughts, dreams, musings - even the littlest thought deserves to live in a nice place. This book looks perfect for this occasion.

From Liberty

:: Wrapping Week: eys's delight II

How clever is that. Tissues boxes not famous for being decorative and now look at this nice idea.

Giving sox as a gift will never be an embarrassing situation with this sophisticated packaging.

I always liked supermarkt shopping at Migros in Switzerland. They have absolutely beautiful designs. The older ones even had a charming retro appeal. The new ones as the one above are simple and very high end. Would even turn a vegetarian to buy a slice of meat.
The products are quite cheap. The whole of Switzerland shops there. It can be compared to Aldi in Germany. But compared with the package design of Migros Aldi is a shame.

No comment. Just perfect.

The japanese just know what they are doing very very well.

All photos from Lovely Packages

29. Oktober 2009

:: Selected wrappings: eye's delight

Food packaging is perfect for field studies in packing and wrapping. I'm always drawn to products that come in a unexpected packaging, extraordinary colours and with nice illustration.

Seed sticks from Cox and Cox.

Jamie Oliver food collection

A warm wrapping for candles.

Eggshats from Heidi Burton

:: Heavy production ahead

Today I just received the conformation that I will be presenting Eden at Holyshit Designer Market in Berlin! Hooray!

27. Oktober 2009

:: Wrapping Week

Christmas is officially 58 sleeps away and I think it's legal to speak now about the most creative aspect of the holidays: wrapping and packging. So this is wrapping week. And it will be all about nicely designed boxes, bottles, tins, industrial design and eco packaging.

I like to start with furoshiki, the traditional japanese art of gift wrapping.
Unsurprisingly in Japan everything centers on the presentation. Just think of sushi. So this is a clever, eco friendly and aesthetic gift-giving experience for both, the giver and the recipient.
Read more here.

This handprinted furoshiki is by Persimon and Pine.They also have a etsy shop.

24. Oktober 2009

:: Happy Sunday

Perfect and cosy to spend the sunday in bed with books. Or dreams (Picture from NYT).

:: Newbies

Now I own one of the magical turn arounder this delicate mushroom embroidery can be turned easily into a little brooch.

19. Oktober 2009

:: New pillow cover

This little guy is available at my etsy shop. I'm also working on new label tags using handcarved stamps. Here is a sneak peek:

18. Oktober 2009

:: I'm the great pretender (Part One)

Today: Afternoon in Tokyo.
If I was in Tokyo on this weekend it would have looked and felt like this:

Coffee here...

Shopping there...

Freaking out here...

Cuddling with this fellow (Photo by ii-ne-kore)

Get lost in the night deliberately here

All this awesome photos are by Stephanie at Little Miss Twig (unless stated otherwise).

13. Oktober 2009

:: From Japan with love

Under quite mysterious circumstances and after a two months odyssey I finally received my japanese crafting books. Just let me put is politely: The german post sucks.

8. Oktober 2009

:: Introducing Wolfgang, the Wolpertinger

It's growing steadily. Right now I finished Wolfgang, the Wolpertinger. First of the PARADISE LOST- An Animal Asylum of the Rare collection.
This limited line of unique embroidery illustrations stars animals with a mythical background like
the Dodo, Werwolf or Wolpertinger (Jackalope) on white and anthracite pillows.

So please meet Wolfgang, the last Wolpertinger aka Josef, the Jackapole.

He immigrated about 300 years ago from the Austrian Alpes to the States and build up under the name Jackapole a nice folklore tradition. As the Americans are great and naive believers of everything european, Wolfgang had a nice life. Including three secretaries and an electric mountain - whatever that is.
Now he seeks a nice quiet place for his Luis Trenker Collection and himself.
Adequate animal housing recommened.

Paradise Lost is premiering at Trendmafia and at my etsy shop.

1. Oktober 2009

:: Hello October

Ta ta: my shop at Dawanda is now official. New items are listed every week. So check it out!
Please meet Freddie the Fox. He likes eating peanutbutter at your couch while watching TV. He is very interested in political features.

To commemorate the first of October some etsy finds.

By ethanollie

How gorgeous is that! By White Owl

Reversible bag from Where's Becky Bean