16. Dezember 2008

:: Protect me from what I want (Part 3)

The HolyShit is also a great place to discover new artist. At least for me new. Simon MacEwan is Australian and has already some reputation. I'm more than delighted by his absolutly beautiful brooches he makes. Guess where all my money went I earned at the HolyShit....

:: Ho-ho- Holyshit

Hurray! I made it. Last year I swore to take part at the next HolyShit and ta da: watch my stuff at the HolyShit 2008 in Berlin.
More photos and artists coming up. Including the amazing Simon MacEwan.

4. November 2008

:: Protect me from what I want (Part 2)

I've never done serious internet shopping. Except Ebay or Amazon. But the new catalouge from Persephone Books makes me want. Every book from it. Sadly, Amazon doesn't stock them. They got Persephone Classics but only in 2009.
So it's 3.50 GB Pound extra for each book you order. And the British Pound is still strong.

Here Fritzi is keeping an eye on the Persephone and Toast catalogue. And of course on me.

:: Protect me from what I want (Part 1)

Seriously, it's not the forthcoming holiday season. But the yearning for angels is critical in November. Who can resist such cuteness?

:: Hurray Holy Shit

It's now official: I'm admitted to Holy Shit Shopping in Berlin on the 13.-14. December!!!!
That means production and nightshifts ahead. Although the fair fee is quite high - at least for me, because most of my products are a mere 10 Euro - I'm looking forward. This event will push me further. Onto another professional level. Wow, sometimes it happens faster than expected.
This November will be exactly one year that I relocated to Berlin and it's about 3-4 months that I started Eden. And for that it's doing very fine. To be honest, I never expected it that fine. Strange world.

17. Oktober 2008

:: New Harvest: Fliegenpilz Pins

Crafting alarm! I'm working on some new sweeties. Bird, mushrooms, wild animals, boxers and the famous Grussonkel will populate Eden. So it's going to be crowdy.

1. Oktober 2008

:: Best of German Design

The october issue of the german AD is a brilliant roundup of German Design, Interiors, Art and Architecture. Like a little reference book about new and old things to explore.
There's for example the Grassi Messe at Leipzig, a design and crafts fair established in the 1920s. This international forum for applied art and design was in its heyday a "Meeting Place for Modernity" and was reopened in 1997.

30. September 2008

:: Last Days of Summer

The last weeks were very busy. Thanks to the workshop " Make it, blog it, shop it" with Holly from decor8 in cooperation with Dawanda. This was the last kick I needed to move further. A lot further.
These are the results.
Lots of inspiration while strolling through historic vinyard in Potsdam, sitting on the balcony and a new friend for the "Paradise Lost" line , an owl brooch.

18. September 2008

:: Introducing "Paradise Lost - Rare Animals of the Earth"

Voilà les animals. I had this project for a long time in my head. Animal brooches or in this special case, finger puppets presenting endangered or extinct species.
With a lot of luck this guys will be produced exclusively for the Pergamon Museum's Shop in Berlin. This all happened with a lot of chance, networking and lovely people who thought of me when they were brainstorming on new products for the Museum Shop. So on leads to annother.
Above are shown animals from the Ancient Turkey and the Near East. The puppets are very closely modeled after original exhibits from the Museum and show (from left to right) the dragon Muschchuschu from the famous Ishtar Gate, a funny table leg who pretends to be a lion (a detail from a painting at the Museum of Islamic Art) and a lion from the Ishtar Gate.
Due to the huge success of my owl brooches I will expand the Paradise Lost line with more extinct or rare animals like the Dodo, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or the very own bavarian Wolpertinger. They will be premiering on the annual Holy Shit Shopping Lounge in Berlin.

3. September 2008

The Making of September

Summer rushed by with a lot of work, experiences and inspirations. I like how everything now calms down. The sun is very gently and the mornings a fresh and the birds a going on holidays.
I like September most. For me it is a very procreative time. Most times are now spend indoors, but there are still evenings one can sit on the balcony dreaming of summer in Tuscany. It's also time to prepare and to harvest all the ideas fed in my head.

At the moment I'm obsessed with animals. Don't ask why.
Here are my latest darlings. They are by The runny bunny.
Dare to wonder.

21. Juli 2008

:: Oh la la: Wedding Dress#3

Still enthusiastic and happy about my weekend at the Wedding Dress #3 Basar. I'm overhelmed about the acceptance of my products and about how many people liked and enjoyed Eden.
Thanks to everybody and to Robert and Katharina from Grandma Agentur who invited my to join the Basar.

For Berliner and visitors: My Showroom will open soon. Please check my blog for news. There will also be a Grand Opening at Dawanda.

17. Juli 2008

:: Production ahead

Almost finished with my projects for the Wedding Dress Basar. See you on Saturday and Sunday at Brunnenstraße in Berlin. Hurray! I'm so excited.

1. Juli 2008

:: Heartbreaker

I fell in love. Again with a Redhead. His name is Fritzi and I met him at the internet. On Sunday he is moving in.

26. Juni 2008

:: Wish list

Adorable mushroom money box from Kleiner Kaufladen.

:: Working 9 to 5...

...will be a dream for me. I currently work part time at a museumshop. From 13.30 to 22.00. Thursdays, fridays and saturdays. What seems devastating at first glance turns out to be perfect for me. Now I can work for Eden by day and earn money by night. But the reality is, that I have no free weekend night time the whole July through. It's gonna be tough. I warned you.

Watch the 9 to 5 Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpKAA2VxWY8#

20. Juni 2008

:: Happy Friday

Just a few pictures today. The weekend I'll spend in Stuttgart and I'm not looking forward to it.

Stitching, making Sülze and...

tending tomatos on my balcony. That's now my daily schedule.
Again some pics of my silhouette work.

17. Juni 2008

:: A Walk in the Park

On the weekend we went to the Botanical Garden. Wonderful. Only the big greenhouse is under construction.

:: Its official: Wedding Dress #3 & Eden

I just got the affirmation that I'll be participating at the Design Market of Wedding Dress on 19./20. July 2008, the independent and underground fashion and designer fair. The little sister of the big Berlin Fashion Week.
How it all began. Trendmafia turned out to be a success for me. I sold a few pieces and talked a lot with the people who bought my stuff. Interesting, that they were from around the world: U.S., Finland and of course Germany. I was also invited to present Eden at the Design Market of Wedding Dress #3. That really blew my mind! And took me at least a bottle of red vine to realize it.

Now back to reality. I got a nice e-mail from Katharina reminding me that the quality of my photos is not always good. Uhm...right. I will take this to heart and understand my blog from now on very professional. At least in my terms. I own no super magic camera, no Apple and no Photoshop. But I'll try. Promised.

I will also reopen my shop at Dawanda. Production is increasing...

9. Juni 2008

:: Trendmafia 2008

Just a view pictures from my booth at the Trendmafia Show.