29. November 2010

:: Let the pro do it right

I came across this lovely video starring Jamie Oliver baking pancakes with two little sweet angels. Not only is the set adorable but also the cook (somehow).

via frolic
(btw: Hurra, it works! My first imbeded video!)

The stylist of the kitchen set speaks here:


24. November 2010

:: Getting ready

On sunday there's first of Advent hier in Germany and everybody puts up a Adventskranz, a wreath with for candles. So I'm busy doing my christmas decoration.
I'm serious thinking about this project: a paper snow curtain. I did a very tiny one last year, but this year I want it big!

From Poppytalk

14. November 2010

:: Gone to the sea

Although I wasn't actually here, I'm off again.
I'll spend some days at the Baltic Sea and will be traveling by train. Feels already like an adventure.
Hopefully I'll be back with lots of inspiration.

Meanwhile you can indulge in this lovely free
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