30. April 2008

:: Introducing Eden Extreme

My skills come from ignorance, I guess. From being ignorant about computers. Not knowing how to photoshop or indesign. Everything I create I do by hand. Pure digital free crafting.
I was always very visual. Obsessed with colors, patterns, watching period films ( I watched Howards End more than 10 times), collecting fabrics, ribbons, going to flea markets... Sounds familiar? So I studied art history. This was nearly 10 years ago. After a big detour in the commercial business I finally landed in Berlin and now have the freedom, chance and guts to make the things I really wanted to do. I admit I have to work on the guts.
I had the Card Project a long time in my pipeline. I just had to do it. Nobody told me that this was the hardest part.
Here it is...tadah:

:: Wish come true # 1

I found the perfect shoes for Berlin. Shiny and red.

29. April 2008

:: My first shop ever.

This blog is about setting up a creative business and about finding your creative calling. And I'm right there. This was all initiated by the discussion "What to you do when you don't know what to do" by Decor 8 and Design Undercover. It really hit a very special nerve with me and was literary the last kick I needed.

My first step was setting up a shop with etsy.
This was easy.
But something scary happened: somehow I grew bolder and signed up with Trendmafia, a creative market in June. JUNE!!!!!
I made all the mistakes one could make: The booth is quite big and I think I have not enough tables to present my cards. ....if there were enough cards. I'm also considering to make some stiching projects and ceramic projects. It even becomes more scary...