26. Mai 2008

:: Farsighted or shortsighted?

I can't believe I did it. This Keep Calm And Carry On cutout has been for a long time on my mind. And I really needed to calm down and a lot of patience.
Soon be in my etsy shop.

psst...this is supposed to be an eysight test...to check your motivation status.

23. Mai 2008

:: Swedish lifestyle in Berlin

Great discoveries are always found accidentally. So as I was strolling the city for a decent fabric store this week I came across Antik Affär, a shop selling swedish antiques like furniture, linens, paintings, tableware, fabric and curiosities from Sweden. All you need to revive a Carl Larsson painting.

Carl Larsson: Lazy Corner

This is not another lifestyle shop selling beautiful things for the already overdecorated home. This shop is an experience.
The owner, Patricia, a photographer, renovated the shop all by herself just a few months ago. The showrooms, formerly a brothel painted in dark red with showers in the backroom, are now decorated in typical scandinavian blue and white. There's a lot paying attention to every little detail. And it's done with heart, soul and dedication.
You really feel like Alice in Wonderland and found yourself in a perfectly decorated swedish country house. Of course all objects come directly from Sweden and Patricia knows a little story about everyone.
Make sure to indulge yourself to this very swedish experience. You find Antik Affär at Wielandstr. 45, just off Kantstrasse in Berlin.

19. Mai 2008

:: New Project

Just a glimpse of my new project. Born out of desperation and fear. I need more stuff for the Trendmafia market on 7th of June.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.

Louis L'Amour

:: Eden is in Berlin

There's so much happening. I hardly can keep up the pace:

1. My first sale !!! A very nice person bought two (!) artworks by me via etsy. They are now on the way to Canada.

2. I found the perfect thrift shop in Berlin. Shop is a understatement. It`s a huge areal, a kingdom, a paradise for thrifters. They got everything. Really.

There's a huge ceramics selection from various centuries. Unbelievable. It's mainly open air, so most things a quite dirty. But look what I found:

It's even from Limoges, France, showing parisian monuments.

A nice pitcher with an ship. I like trashy things. And the cup is from
former Eastern Germany. Very 60s.

3. I'm now a shipowner. To put it right a half shipowner. The Redhead bought a Folke ship from the 60s. It's in very good condition and I can't wait for the weekend for our maiden voyage. Strangely it's called Rum. I hope this isn't an advice for a new hobby...

15. Mai 2008

:: Wish come true #2

My calling cards are ready! Annette from Die Musenstube did a fabulous job.

And the most inspiring woman in the net Holly mentioned me on her new blog HausMaus: I'm at her blogroll german indie. It really blows my mind that Holly found me by herself in the wide wild net.
I dare to think: Hey it works. I am on my way. But still with trembling knees.

9. Mai 2008

:: Countdown

It's scary, but it's less than 4 weeks that I'm showing the world my work.
Crafting is in progress and I found in Annette from Die Musenstube a perfect media partner. She's also an artist, makes comic illustration and owns a gallery with several other designer. She also took part at the Tütenblüten project featuring 10 flowerseeds with screen printed illustration.
Beautiful. You have to see for yourself.