24. Februar 2011

:: Royal random

The biggest royal wedding only a mere two months away it's time to get a little fetish about royal memorabilia.
As a proud owner of some coronation and wedding cups of the British Monarchy (there is only one real monarchy) I'm delighted to see some really stylish items.

Lovely color by Butter.

A very traditional commemoration tea towel in a very modern interpretation.

10. Februar 2011

:: A week of love (Part III): red shoes

What is love? Looking at a collection of the nicest colours.

What is love? Getting up at 7:00 a.m. and queue two and a half hour for Berlinale tickets. And strolling afterwards through Mitte and finding the perfect red shoes for summer.

(both pics from flip-flop.de)

8. Februar 2011

:: A week of love (Part I): Loveletter to an analphabetical cat

With every poop of my heart or The dark side of love

When it comes to love my cat, Fritzi is a real challenge.
I fell in love with him about three years ago at the Berlin Animal Shelter. Although I was told that he is ill and has been already given up by the vets at the shelter I took him home with me. He had me at the first sight.
From now on ups and downs became a daily routine. The vet bills grew steadily as our mutual love did. Despite ruining several carpets (poop and pee), vintage needlepoint chairs (scratching), two sofas (scratching) he is the ruler of my heart. A few months ago he needed to have emergency surgery. I cried my eyes of my head. No wet nose in my ear at 6:30 a.m.
He is doing fine now, has no pains. So obviously he is worth a luxury trip for two to London (including shopping spree) he is absolutely priceless. When he comes to sit with me on the sofa, rubbing his little head against me.
I love you forever, Fritzi Tatzelhuber.

7. Februar 2011

:: A week of love

Join me for a special celebration of love while we countdown to
Valentine's Day next monday.

A match installation by Pei San Ng

2. Februar 2011

:: Back to the roots

It never occured to me that one can make beet roots by yourself. And it's so easy and delicious.
Especially with goat cheese, roasted peppers and tofu.

Which brings me to that. Placemats by H&M.

:: The next big thing : Peter Pan Collar

It's weird. Sometimes I got the feeling, that I got quite a sense of style. Rarely, but sometimes.
Last year I was looking for Peter Pan Collar adorned blouses or shirt and could find one. And today they're popping around.

From Girl and Bird