21. Dezember 2011

:: Let's share and shine

We talked about gift wrapping now let's talk about the fine tuning. 

The slightly bird obsessed Geninne created some divine gift tags. 
Camilla Engman also has a treat for all these giving people. 

I also like to add some greenery to adorn a gift. Das hier ist wohl Lebensbaum oder Wacholder.  This year I will be adding Ilex, holly with red berries. It grows in my new garden here in H. 

A natural and easy centerpiece is this candle. Just wrap some greens around a big church candle. Here they use olive leaves. 

This year I'm totally into pine cones, Tannenzapfen aller Art. Schon allein der Geruch! Herrlich. Mein größter Traum sind jedoch Kiefern, als Zweig, Baum oder Zapfen.  

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