9. Oktober 2011

:: Where the wild things really are

Last weekend we went to a strictly organic farm, ein richtiger Bioland Bauernhof. The animals looked healthy, had more than enough room and were not a bit shy. Very clever was the mobile chicken housing, ein mobiler Hühnerstall. Now I'm dreaming of an organic grilled chicken stand a the local farmers market. You can only get conventional grilled chicken here, no free-range, only Wiener Wald Batteriehühner. I bet this would be the next big thing! If I am not turned to a vegan til than. 
Because it's hard to look at those animals and know that they will be turned to sausages and steaks. Although they led a very good life, they will be killed. Not by nature, by man. We also visited the Schlachthof. As the farmer also makes meat products from his animals, he slaughters them on his premise. There is no thing like friendly killing. At least the animals will not have stressful transportation situations, panic attacks and they won't suffer. Hopefully.
After the visit, vegan is becoming more and more realistic for me.  

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