9. Oktober 2011

:: Feeling rustic

Harvest Celebration at Gut Ippenburg
When summer is gone, my favourite season begins. Fall. Although many say now the year has come to an end, everybody slows down, nature begins to fade, I feel completely invigorated. It's harvest hightime, natures wears its most colourful fruits and leaves. It high time for gathering.  

I'm especially drawn to rustic designs like Navajo, simple dishes, thick wool cardigans, outdoor forest walks, dimmed lights, romantic cowboyism, thinking of New Mexico and log fires. Hot cinnamon tea is served in a minute while enjoying rustic Etsy essentials for your personal urban rustic experience.  

From The Workroom  ::  Parasol Vintage

   Still With You  ::  Shapes&Colors 

Vintage Social Club :: Rincon Road

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