4. November 2009

:: I'm the great pretender (II)

If I would live in NYC I would visit Moomah every day

How young are you? Moomah in NYC is a creative neighborhood cafe, an art school for kids, a cozy hideaway for cold afternoons (first snow in Berlin today!): a favourite cafe.
It has a great emphasis on kids. The locations is sort of a living classroom, there are art classes and they serve great organic food. Everything has a very holistic lifestyle philosophy and they would like to encourage adults and kids to spend more time together, to slow down and to take time just for wondering and musing.
Check out their website. Awesome grafics.

Photos from Moomah
Via Cup of Jo

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vanillapress hat gesagt…

Ooh, looks fantastic.I would go there right now if I could & NYC is my favourite city in the world!