16. November 2009

:: Collections: Messy or artsy?

By C. Engman
As I was rethinking my interior habit it suddenly dawned on me: I intensely like collections and collecting. My latest collection are white porcelain animal figures.

Here are a list of things I used to collect: art postcards, fabrics (still active), ribbons, patterned paper, buttons, Royal Family mugs (still active), books (still active), white porcelain firgures (still active), cooking books (still active), hats, vintage vest (sadly I gave them away. Bought them in Oxford, they were a bit uncomfortable for my curvy figure but lovely. Some could be worn on two sides), coloured bottles, everything with birds on (still active)...and quite new: zakka and all things japanese where I can get a hand on.

From NYT

By minimega

This nice collection is from
Minimega . Little things and schnickschnack you really don't need. But just for the absurd and the cuteness of it they are essentially collectable. They are all from kiosk, supplier of rare things and bric a brac from around the world. Warning: you might get addicted.

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