27. Oktober 2009

:: Wrapping Week

Christmas is officially 58 sleeps away and I think it's legal to speak now about the most creative aspect of the holidays: wrapping and packging. So this is wrapping week. And it will be all about nicely designed boxes, bottles, tins, industrial design and eco packaging.

I like to start with furoshiki, the traditional japanese art of gift wrapping.
Unsurprisingly in Japan everything centers on the presentation. Just think of sushi. So this is a clever, eco friendly and aesthetic gift-giving experience for both, the giver and the recipient.
Read more here.

This handprinted furoshiki is by Persimon and Pine.They also have a etsy shop.

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Persimmon and Pine hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for your very kind words. I appreciate the feedback! Furoshiki is such a lovely, environmentally-friendly gift wrap option that I hope everyone tries at least once! All my best, Mandy