8. Oktober 2009

:: Introducing Wolfgang, the Wolpertinger

It's growing steadily. Right now I finished Wolfgang, the Wolpertinger. First of the PARADISE LOST- An Animal Asylum of the Rare collection.
This limited line of unique embroidery illustrations stars animals with a mythical background like
the Dodo, Werwolf or Wolpertinger (Jackalope) on white and anthracite pillows.

So please meet Wolfgang, the last Wolpertinger aka Josef, the Jackapole.

He immigrated about 300 years ago from the Austrian Alpes to the States and build up under the name Jackapole a nice folklore tradition. As the Americans are great and naive believers of everything european, Wolfgang had a nice life. Including three secretaries and an electric mountain - whatever that is.
Now he seeks a nice quiet place for his Luis Trenker Collection and himself.
Adequate animal housing recommened.

Paradise Lost is premiering at Trendmafia and at my etsy shop.

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