17. Juni 2008

:: Its official: Wedding Dress #3 & Eden

I just got the affirmation that I'll be participating at the Design Market of Wedding Dress on 19./20. July 2008, the independent and underground fashion and designer fair. The little sister of the big Berlin Fashion Week.
How it all began. Trendmafia turned out to be a success for me. I sold a few pieces and talked a lot with the people who bought my stuff. Interesting, that they were from around the world: U.S., Finland and of course Germany. I was also invited to present Eden at the Design Market of Wedding Dress #3. That really blew my mind! And took me at least a bottle of red vine to realize it.

Now back to reality. I got a nice e-mail from Katharina reminding me that the quality of my photos is not always good. Uhm...right. I will take this to heart and understand my blog from now on very professional. At least in my terms. I own no super magic camera, no Apple and no Photoshop. But I'll try. Promised.

I will also reopen my shop at Dawanda. Production is increasing...

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