3. Juni 2008

;; I'm crafting OR What do you say when you don't know what to say

Last week I had an interview for a part time job at a bookshop. When the book lady asked me what I'm doing right now I had difficulties to explain: I'm crafting... stiching and doing silhouettes...somehow...
In Germany crafting mean mainly knitting or macrame. Not very representative. Crafting is in Germany very conservative and etsy sounds here like a new home fragrance. Of course here's a vivid indie design scene in Berlin but they keep very much to themselves. Let's see how the Trendmafia fair on saturday will turn out.

Only four days to go. Yes, I'm nervous. Deciding to venture into the craft business isn't the only problem. It comes with various little questionmarks, fears and sleepless nights. There are constant self doubts about the works and the ideas, friends and family who don't understand you and of course the insecure financial situation. But all this didn't keep me from doing it.
So on saturday I will show off my crafties. It feels a bit like learning to ice skate. Trying to stand on your own feet. Gracefully and without falling. You got the new outfit and don't want to blame yourself because everyone is looking. There lies the controversy: you want to be looked at but there's still enough imperfection to hide.
The point is to get up, get a new pair of ice skaters and try the freestyle again.

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