30. April 2008

:: Introducing Eden Extreme

My skills come from ignorance, I guess. From being ignorant about computers. Not knowing how to photoshop or indesign. Everything I create I do by hand. Pure digital free crafting.
I was always very visual. Obsessed with colors, patterns, watching period films ( I watched Howards End more than 10 times), collecting fabrics, ribbons, going to flea markets... Sounds familiar? So I studied art history. This was nearly 10 years ago. After a big detour in the commercial business I finally landed in Berlin and now have the freedom, chance and guts to make the things I really wanted to do. I admit I have to work on the guts.
I had the Card Project a long time in my pipeline. I just had to do it. Nobody told me that this was the hardest part.
Here it is...tadah:

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dickespaulinchen hat gesagt…

Superschöne Karten! Wie war es bei Trendmafia? Viele Grüße, Katharina