18. September 2008

:: Introducing "Paradise Lost - Rare Animals of the Earth"

Voilà les animals. I had this project for a long time in my head. Animal brooches or in this special case, finger puppets presenting endangered or extinct species.
With a lot of luck this guys will be produced exclusively for the Pergamon Museum's Shop in Berlin. This all happened with a lot of chance, networking and lovely people who thought of me when they were brainstorming on new products for the Museum Shop. So on leads to annother.
Above are shown animals from the Ancient Turkey and the Near East. The puppets are very closely modeled after original exhibits from the Museum and show (from left to right) the dragon Muschchuschu from the famous Ishtar Gate, a funny table leg who pretends to be a lion (a detail from a painting at the Museum of Islamic Art) and a lion from the Ishtar Gate.
Due to the huge success of my owl brooches I will expand the Paradise Lost line with more extinct or rare animals like the Dodo, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or the very own bavarian Wolpertinger. They will be premiering on the annual Holy Shit Shopping Lounge in Berlin.

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