23. Februar 2010

:: Weekend photos

The homemade birthday cake for the Red One. Please note the sugared real violets!

One of the many homemade presents: a design I screen-printed on a t-shirt. He also got a matching tote bag.

On sunday we went to the Fernsehturm, our first time. It was a bit surreal. There is a panorama restaurant which makes a turn about its own axis in about 30 mins. So you can fly over Berlin sipping a cocktail. All in a DDR like ambience. Stange but funny.
And memorable.


ilovesasek hat gesagt…

Super! I also haven't been up the Fernsehturm yet. Hopefully sometime this year! Have you been to the Walton Ford show yet?

Anna hat gesagt…

NO! This week was going to be museums week. Walton Ford and Guggenheim were on the agenda. But believe it or not, on sunday 4:00 a.m. my man and I got a very bad stomach flu with fever. We even had to call the emercency doctor. But I'm feeling quite well now. Just a bit dizzy and some stomach cramps.