1. September 2009

Lobbe, Drömekage, Eddie and more Danish Delights (Part I)

Few days ago we returned from our faire rien at Denmark. Let me tell you, it was beyond expectations. Not only the charming B&B, Tohoejgaard, we were staying at but the whole country. As a child I went with my family quite often to the north, but somehow I lost the connection. Now, nearly 30 years later (OMG! Is is that long ago?) I rediscovered it and fell in love. Immediately.

Tohoejgaard is the loveliest B&B in Denmark. You find it at the Isle of Mön, famous for its White Cliffs. The house is a typical danish farm which was turned into a little and intimate B&B. It boasts several sundecks, a garden and a patio, all overlooking the sea. The rooms are very individual and the owners are more than sweet.

Eddie, brother of Murphy, leading a perfect cat's life by the sea.

A shop to die for. Or spent hours in: Grönlyyke at Copenhagen.

Cobenhagen is full of wonderful shops. Actually in every shops sits something (and more).which attracts me. With the result that I wanted to carry EVERYTHING with me to my home. I failed completely. The motto which actually saved me from bankruptcy was All or Nothing. I opted for the latter. Of course I didn't went home without empty hands. A selection can be viewed at Danish Delights Part II. Soon to be published.

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