19. Mai 2008

:: Eden is in Berlin

There's so much happening. I hardly can keep up the pace:

1. My first sale !!! A very nice person bought two (!) artworks by me via etsy. They are now on the way to Canada.

2. I found the perfect thrift shop in Berlin. Shop is a understatement. It`s a huge areal, a kingdom, a paradise for thrifters. They got everything. Really.

There's a huge ceramics selection from various centuries. Unbelievable. It's mainly open air, so most things a quite dirty. But look what I found:

It's even from Limoges, France, showing parisian monuments.

A nice pitcher with an ship. I like trashy things. And the cup is from
former Eastern Germany. Very 60s.

3. I'm now a shipowner. To put it right a half shipowner. The Redhead bought a Folke ship from the 60s. It's in very good condition and I can't wait for the weekend for our maiden voyage. Strangely it's called Rum. I hope this isn't an advice for a new hobby...

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decor8 hat gesagt…

Oh this is really lovely. I want to visit this! Would you be free to meet up sometime this year? I will be staying in my apartment in Hannover from Aug 7 until Christmas. I can take the train to Berlin in August September or October. Earlier is better for nice weather!! :) :)